6 Things You Should Do When Camping Alone

Camping is the best way to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. You can see nature at its best and spend quality time with friends or loved ones. With the inclusion of certain activities, you can make it an even more memorable and unforgettable experience. It is good for mental health and spiritual growth as well.

This is how you connect to nature and lift the burden off your shoulders. However, it is scary when you’re alone because there is no one there to help you in the wild in case of an emergency. Some serious mistakes can lead to a bigger danger.

Before going solo camping, you must know some tips and tricks to avoid any inconvenience. Camping alone is 100 per cent safe and full of enjoyment if you control your fear. Otherwise, you will be frightened even by the sound of branches.

If you are a beginner at camping alone, you may come across the fear. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature at its best, you have to follow these tips.

1-   Check Weather

Weather is undoubtedly the most important and decisive factor when it comes to camping alone in the area. It will be very unpleasant and inconvenient if you are there with all the preparation and bad weather comes in to destroy your day. You can put yourself in a very dire situation if you are camping at a high altitude where there is a danger of flash flooding.

Keeping in view of intense weather, people make preparations accordingly or skip their camping events in most cases. Don’t let the weather destroy your memorable day in the wild. For this purpose, don’t forget to check the weather forecast. If the weather in the area is changeable, then check weather trends for at least one week. This approach is very helpful in dealing the bad weather and how to make preparations for severe weather.

2-   Don’t Let Your Mind Control You.

The problem with beginners is that they react too early to the slightest movement in the wild. You must control your mind and don’t be afraid. For this purpose, you must cultivate two things in you: alert and aware. If you are alert only, there are high chances that you will react too early to the slightest movement and destroy your peace.

Fear is a normal thing, especially when you are alone, the sun is setting behind the trees, and you hear different voices at night. Although it is very frightening, you don’t have to freak out. Don’t let these sounds freak you out. Instead, react normal and keep yourself calm with the thought that these sounds are normal.

3-   Don’t Forget Your Entertainment.

Camping alone is a very exciting activity, and at the same time, it may become a boring activity when you don’t have someone to talk to and share ideas with. Solo camping becomes very boring and disturbing if you forget your entertainment.

·         Camping provides the best opportunity to read a book in a quiet environment. Don’t forget to keep a reading lamp with you.

·         Keep puzzle-like math games, crosswords, and brain teasers with you. Similarly, you can keep a board game to make the best use of time.

·         Movies and songs are other options to keep yourself in the best environment and make the best use of time in the saddest hours.

Don’t forget to ask people for different exciting ideas to kill the boring hours and spend quality time there. You can also find useful suggestions on the internet as well.

4-   Know the Area

If you are camping alone in a less-known area, you may come across fear and danger in the quiet night. Always conduct research before going to any area. Learn about people and climate and know if there are any dangerous species in the wild. You will be more frightened by various sounds in your new camping area.

When you reach the area, check the campsite, and reserve your site. It is good to choose the campsite where you stayed earlier. Additionally, find a place that is safe and peaceful; otherwise, you’ll ruin your night. Sleeping nearby families and people is the best option to camp and spend the night.

5-   Get There in the Light

Always make your plans on time. If you reach the campsite at night, problems will be there for you. It is very problematic to build your tent and find the ideal site for camping. Additionally, sticks, holes, and rocks are there to cause problems. If you get there earlier, you will be able to find everything, such as the toilet and the best camping site for your night.

No one is there to help you in building the tent and making a place for you. However, everything is possible in the sunshine, and you can find some like-minded people too. You will also find plenty of time to clean the place and make necessary changes in the daylight.

6-   Protect Yourself from Strangers and Wildlife

We can’t say that camping alone is perfectly safe, but you may find wildlife and stranger to deal with. Although it is not frequently happening, but the chances are there. Therefore, you must prepare to deal with these situations by having the safety devices and options with you.

·         An axe and white katana are the perfect options in a bad time. Aside from self-defence, these tools will be equally useful for other purposes, such as cutting twigs and woods for Barbeque.

·         Air Horn is the perfect solution for an emergency solution. Buy a good air horn and use it in difficult times to inform people at a distance.

·         Bear Mace is a good option for self-defence when you have to deal with bears at the campsite.

·         No one can deny the importance of a flashlight. It is the most important item to keep with you when you are camping alone because you will be completely blind in the dark night without it.

Similarly, you can keep other items with you by considering the area. Always Park your car near to your campsite. It will help you leave the area in an emergency situation.

Final Note

Camping alone is an exciting activity. People love to find inner peace by camping alone and find true pleasure as well. The above-mentioned tips are very helpful in making your time great and enjoying every bit of it.