If you are an organization that would like to submit your scholarship opportunity on our website, we are happy to add your scholarship listing.

Please use the following  template and try to answer them as close and accurate as you can in a word document and email it to us:

#1. Who We Are

Let us know a little but about your company/organization

#2. Name of Scholarship

What is the name of this scholarship?

#3. Goal/Purpose of This Scholarship

Why did you create this scholarship? Who will it help? etc…

#4. Award Amount

How much money is this scholarship?

Example: $1,000 scholarship, 2 scholarships worth $500 each, or 1st price of $3,000, 2nd price of $2,000 and 3rd price of $1,000, etc….

#5. Eligibility

Who can apply for this scholarship?

#6. How To Apply

How do students apply for this scholarship?

#7. Deadline

When is the deadline of this scholarship?

#8. When Will This Scholarship Be Awarded?

When will the recipient receive the scholarship and how?

#9. Will This Scholarship Be Awarded Again? 

Is this a one time scholarship or this repeats every year? Will this be awarded again? If so, when?

#10. Please List All Dates This Has Been Awarded In The Past

#11. Please Provide As Much Information As Possible About Past Recipients

#12. What’s Your Website/Scholarship page?

Please provide your website url of the scholarship page where students can learn more & apply. You can also provide your logo/scholarship image here.

If you have read and understood our requirements, please e-mail us the word document  of the template above with all the details of your scholarship to:  info (at) easyscholarships.org with email titled “Scholarship listing request”

Please note that sending the information to us does not guarantee your listing will be placed on our website but we will review each request received. If we feel that your scholarship meets our requirement and you have provided enough and accurate information about it, we will create a brand new post about your scholarship and publish it on our website.